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Getting to the Hostel
Arriving at the Airport
If you do not have any pre-arranged transportation at the airport, here are a few options and tips that may save you some time and money. If you have, or are about to make, a reservation we will be more than happy to arrange transportation from the airport to the hostel with TransVip, an airport shuttle. The cost for this service is $5.000 CLP or US$10 per person (this changes with the value of the Peso against the Dollar). For additional information airport transportation info check out the SCL transportation page.

Because of the ongoing problems with taxis in the airport we strongly advise against the use of them. Too often we find guests paying extreme amounts as taxis take advantage of incoming tourists. In a recent case a couple of guests were charged 60.000CLP (about US$120) to get to the hostel. If you do decide to go with a taxi, please do not pay more than 15.000CLP (total for the car, not per person). Do not get the services of anyone standing with a taxi sign even if they claim to be 'official'. Only use a taxi from one of the desks in the airport. Never go out to the parking lot for a taxi. Only use the taxis that are parked in front directly out of the doors of the terminal, were you will also see the cheaper and more reliable transfer vans. If you have any problems with a taxi, or anyone else for that matter, go directly to the Carabineros (Chilean Police). Unlike most other South American countries, the Chilean Carabineros are completely trustworthy and honest. They do not take bribes and will be happy to help you if you are in trouble.

Airport Shuttle
There are a couple of good airport shuttles that, if you are traveling alone, can be a good option if you do not want to pay the higher cost of the taxis. Both TransVip and Turbus have shuttles that are available in front of the arrivals area, just outside the doors. The charge for TransVip is 5.000CLP per person to the hostel. The only downside to the shuttles of course is that you may have to wait for other people to be dropped off before you are brought to your location.

Airport Buses
There are two airport buses, one run by Turbus and the other by Centropuerto, that will take you from the airport to one of several Metro stations but only as far as downtown Santiago. This is the cheapest option with fares running only about 1.200 pesos. Below is a list of destinations that are served by each company. Both companies will bring you to Metro station Los Héroes, which is about a 20 minute walk to the hostel.

  • The corner of streets Moneda & San Martín
  • Metro Station Los Héroes (20 min walk to the hostel)
  • Metro Station Universidad de Santiago
  • Metro Station Las Rejas
  • Metro Station Pajaritos
  • Centropuerto
  • Metro Station Los Héroes (20 min walk to the hostel)
  • Metro Station Estación Central
  • Metro Station Universidad de Santiago
  • Metro Station Las Rejas
  • Metro Station Pajaritos

  • Arriving at the Bus Terminal
    Santiago has 3 main bus terminals

  • Terminal San Borja (metro station Estacion Central), located on the side of Estacion Central (Santiago's train station) and mostly services routes going to the north. Web link (Spanish and English)
  • Terminal Alameda (metro station Universidad de Santiago) is home to just 2 companies, Turbus (the largest and more expensive) and Pulman. They both also have offices in the other terminals as well.
  • Terminal Santiago (metro station Universidad de Santiago), just a block over from Terminal Alameda, serves mostly southern routes as well as into Argentina and has more affordable options than Alameda. Web link (Spanish only)
  • To get to the hostel by Metro (subway) -
    To get to the hostel from any of these bus terminals, you can take the metro (subway) which is located just outside each of them. Once inside, the trains go in two directions, labeled San Pablo and Escuela Militar. These are the last stations on both ends of the line. Make sure that you go in the direction of Escuela Militar. You will only need to take the to Metro Republica. Walking out of the station, walk West (away from the mountains) about one block. This will bring you to Av. Republica. Walk down Av. Republica 5 blocks and turn right onto Toesca. The hostal is about half-way down the block on the right side of the street.

    To get to the hostel by Taxi -
    Optionally, you can get a taxi but be careful. There are some taxi's, usually located outside of the terminal, that wait for tourists and have a listed rate that's double the normal rate. You should not have to pay more than 3.000CLP to get to the hostel by taxi. If you think you got charged too much, try to get a staff member from the hostel before to you pay.