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Sammy is looking for people that are interested in working 20 hours a week. Jobs can vary from all around house cleaning to office work, depending on what's needed of you and not what you would necessarily prefer. We are not looking for people only interested in the idea of sitting in the office behind a desk. Even those that eventually work in the office will be required to help clean. What we are looking for is people that have an attitude to work at whatever the hostel needs.
If this sounds good to you, please let us know.

We prefer to have about 6 "freeloaders" in the house at any given time but depending on the needs of the hostel it is possible to have more. Availability depends on the current freeloaders in the hostel. Due to the time that is necessary to train staff, we require that people work for 2 weeks or longer. If you are looking for something shorter, it might be possible that there is a need for people for special projects. Anything less than 1 week will not be considered. In exchange for working in the hostel you will be allowed to live in the hostel free of charge with all of the same rights as other guests (free breakfast included). In addition, up to 4 people can live in the staff dorm that has it's own TV and DVD player. We also have another small room (an extension in a 6-bed dorm) that can sleep 2 more staff members.

Freeloader Requirements -
  • Minimum 2 week stay (longer preferred)
  • A good understanding of English. Understanding some Spanish is helpful but not required (we can help you with it).
  • Flexible with work hours (done in 2 to 4 shifts a week)
  • Will work as required (and not just play pool and/or watch TV)
  • Friendly people that like to meet other friendly people from all over the world

Interested? Let Us Know

Please Note : There are no available paid positions in the hostel so please do not inquire about this. The hostel does not have the resources for this. The only work available is the above stated offer. Thank You