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Although some of this information is already on the site, in one place or another, we've put them here to help answer the questions that are typically asked of us.

- Who the heck is Sammy?
Go here.

- What are the Check-in/Check-out times?
Officially, check-in is 1pm however if the room or dorm bed that you have reserved is not occupied on you arrival you may check-in early. You are always welcome to arrive earlier than 1pm but if your room or bed is occupied you will need to wait until 1pm.
Check-out time is 12pm but it is only necessary that you vacate your room/bed and locker by this time. You are more than welcome to stay in the hostel for the remainder of the day if you need to. This includes the use of all of the hostel's facilities including the kitchen for cooking. Hostal de Sammy does not have any day use fees.

- How safe is the area around the hostel?
The house is actually right next door to the main police station for our part of the city and about three blocks away, there's a smaller station as well. The area is a university neighborhood that was once home to the Santiago elite. We have some photos here on our location page of the website.

- Is the hostel close to the Metro? Is the Metro safe?
The house is just a 10 minute walk from two metro stations, Republica (Line 1) and Toesca (Line 2). The metro is very safe. The only thing to really watch out for is pickpockets but this can be mostly avoided by simply paying close attention to your personal belongings, especially when you are in a large crowd.

- What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash (either US Dollars or Chilean Pesos) as well as all major credit cards.

- What is the setup of the bathrooms in the house?
As much as I would like to have private bathrooms for the guests that would like them, the hostel was once a residence and therefore private bathrooms are just not possible. There are 5 bathrooms and they are shared by all in the house.

- How far is the hostel from other Spanish schools (such as Escuela Bellavista)?
As mentioned above, the hostel is just a 10 minute walk to the metro. From there it's only about 10-15 minutes to most of the metro stations in the comuna of Providencia, where many schools are located.

- Does the hostel have curfew?
There is no curfew at the hostel. Guests receive keys to the front door and may come and go as they please. We only ask that when guests arrive late that they be respectful of other guests that may be sleeping.

- Can the residents have guests in the house?
Guests of residents are welcome in the house. In fact we encourage it. The more comfortable our guests feel in the house the better. We only ask that your guests are responsible and respect the rules of the house.

- How loud does it get at the hostel at night?
Although some hostels are an around-the-clock party, we prefer things to be somewhat more tranquil during the wee hours of the night as there are people that come to hostels to actually sleep at night and we think that should have the right to do so. Although guests are more than welcome to drink the night away whenever they like, in the early morning hours they must not disturb other guests. Our back patio is (which faces 2 large dorm rooms on the second floor) closes at 1AM. The game room remains open until 3AM but only for guests that can use it quietly.