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Escuela Sammy
In favor of getting you up and speaking as fast as possible some schools may skip grammar and yet others will spend days teaching the Spanish form of 'to be'. While our class is designed with your travel needs in mind it doesn't do so at the expense of the grammer. It has been created from the ground up by both teacher and student to strike the perfect balance between speaking but also understanding some of the underlying structure of the language.

Basic Program Objectives
(broken down by each course day)

  1. To be able to describe yourself, present yourself to someone as well as to ask and give personal information
  2. Express your likes and preferences; to be able know how to say the time and date as well as ask questions regarding it
  3. To know the directions (north, south,etc..) and ask questions regarding them; To ask/say where an object is in a particular place; To speak about a daily routine
  4. To speak about a current action as well as future actions
  5. To speak about past actions

In addition, you will learn verb conjugation of standard and irregular verbs as well as the usage of masculine and feminine and their roles in the language.